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North Coast Road Championships – 21 June 2015 – Corindi

Reece Edwards and Leah Fitzgerald had runaway wins in the North Coast 15kms Road Running Championship on Sunday on the roads of Corindi. Edwards, home for a week from studies in Canberra, posted one of the fastest ever times for the out-and-back course as he strode away from the rest of the field to record 51.18. There was some strong running behind ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 14 June 2015 – Heritage Park Road Runs

Luke Tarrant came home from his studies in Canberra to give a ‘master’ class in the 5kms on the roads of Heritage Park on Sunday. Not to be outdone , Isaiah Koopmans and Karlie Swanson were equally dominant in the 10kms. In ideal running conditions the morning started with Tim Martin and Tara Everson leading in their respective genders in the ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 7 June 2015 – Urunga

The sun shone brightly on a picture perfect Urunga for the Mid North Coast Cross Country Series events on Sunday. Youth was to the fore early in the two kilometres with Tim Martin adding to his victory list and Kate Murray breaking through to start a list of her own. Harrison Colyer and Elke Bowles filled the runners-up spots with ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 31 May 2015 – Emerald Beach

The Emerald Beach Community Fair got off to a running start with the Mid North Coast cross Country Series taking to the beaches and headlands as the day began. First to taste success was Tim Martin as he led in the ‘usual suspects’ in the 2kms with Elke Bowles leading in the girls. Runners-up in the 2kms were Harrison Colyer ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 24 May 2015 – Mount Coramba

New King and Queen of Mt Coramba  Sunday saw the crowning of a new King and young Queen on the 9.5km course at Mt Coramba. King Ed Brazier has carried on his winning form from the Waterworld Great Ocean run in March. Brazier was the only runner to break the 30 minutes to the summit in a time of 29:41, ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 17 May 2015 – Overhead Bridge Road

RESULTS: 2KMS – (Male) – Tim Martin 7:45, 1; Harrison Colyer 7:53, 2; Jacob Thorn 8:26, 3; Jyii Mann 8:27, 4; Max Iggulden 8:28, 5; Daniel Williams 8:34, 6; Jake Golding 9:03, 7; Elijah Thorn 9:06, 8; Torr Cotsell 9:11, 9; Rob Gale 9:20, 10; Lachlan Golding 9:31, 11; Gerard Klinkers 9:35, 12; Charlie Lee 9:42, 13; Jade Kitching 9:57, ... Read More »

Woolgoolga Fun Runs – May 9 &10 2015

There was quite a close tussle for victory in the ladies’ section of the Forest Footrace between Karlie Swanson and Leah Fitzgerald while Isaiah Koopmans showed a very clean pair of heels to the rest of the men in a break-through performance over the 11.2kms. Emerging from the forest section of the Footrace Fitzgerald trailed Swanson by a metre but ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 03 May 2015 – Diggers Beach

The headlands bordering Diggers Beach always test the resolve of all runners but this year the saturated sections posed extra challenges for everyone right across the age divisions in all three distances. Showing how to deal with the situation best were the first runners in the 2 kms, Tom Neal , Harrison Colyer and Hugh Churchwell with the young ladies ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 26 April 2015 – Lakeside Woolgoolga

RESULTS: 2KMS – (Male) – Tim Martin 8:20, 1; Tom Neal 8:21, 2; Harrison Colyer 8:26, 3; Kyan Upsall 8:53, 4; Max Iggulden 8:53, 5; Lochie Marle 8:56, 6; Kaden Nolan 9:01, 7; Josh Upsall 9:14, 8; Jacob Thorn 9:15, 9; Tom Ylinen 9:21, 10; Daniel Williams 9:31, 11; Talon Mitchell 10:03, 12; Torr Cotsell 10:16, 13; Sheldon Koopmans 10:22, ... Read More »

MNC Cross Country – 19 April 2015 – Botanic Gardens

It was on for young and old in the second round of the Mid North Coast Cross Country Running Series on Sunday around the Coffs Creek walkway with youngsters Tim Martin and Gabby Sullivan leading in the 2 kms event and Paul Woodhouse giving a “Master” class in the 10kms. In the 2kms Ben Burridge and Jacob Thorn filled the ... Read More »